Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nepal, the true wisdom of the heart

Let me entertain you

Katarina's reflections on Nepal

Nepal felt like a very special land. A home to special little people but was also a cradle to heart wisdom that so lovingly enveloped us. I deeply felt this joyful wisdom that was shared from heart to heart without limits, differences or discrimination. It was permeating everyone and everything it surrounded. It was feeding and balancing the warm love that was twinkling in little ones eyes.

When children looked at us, we felt their appreciation and love They could sense we were there for them and they embraced us unconditionally. They offered us their acceptance, their love - everything. Their little souls were bejeweled with precious, priceless qualities, that made them richer than most of the people I know. O A lot of the time this was balancing out the extreme poverty or suffering they had to endure in their young lives. Their hearts were smiling, though behind the sparkle of their eyes one could sense some of them may have a heavy burden to carry. It was amazing to see them work so hard and so well, it was rewarding beyond words to see them benefit and brighten up from spending time with us.

For me, I treasure the time they and their teachers shared with us every moment of every day. A part of my heart and soul is still and probably will stay forever in Nepal. When we were leaving they looked into our eyes and asked us to come back with great sincerity and hope in their hearts. Inside mine, I felt the same. I would not want to let them down like they were let down by many in their young lives. It was obvious how much it would mean to them if they saw us again, and it was clear as sky how much all of them and what we shared meant to me. They are a part of me and will stay with me forever. Hopefully we can make it back one day.

Ghar Sita Mutu truly is a home with a huge heart. It is housing little gems that make their home sparkle beyond this world. Their brave hearts carry love, wisdom and warmth that are limitless, extending beyond boundaries of our daily existence. It touched our hearts and now we are linked in eternity forever. So are all of you, who supported this project and helped selflessly, now linked with invisible cords of this unique experience, it could not happen without you.

Aarti, Mark and Fillipe, without you this experience would not have the life and shape that it had.

Finally Beverly, without your enormous heart and generosity of spirit, your home for children and this project would not become the enriching and precious reality we had a privilege to experience.

With gratitude,


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