Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Aarti's reflections on Nepal

I have been deeply humbled by my experiences in Nepal - so much so that a part of me still remains there even on returning back to England.

It was in Nepal that I came to really understand that one undertakes two journeys in life - the physical journey of the body through time and space, and the internal journey of the heart and soul which at times can be more challenging. There are moments in one's lives when we are deeply touched, inspired, or enriched - for me one of those moments was at Ghar Sita Mutu - "The House With A Heart" and does it have HEART!!

It was here that Beverly's Children taught me - they have been my greatest teachers and it was here that I was proud to be their student gaining a wealth of knowledge from the wisdom of their tender and sometimes wounded young hearts. Despite what many of them have been through they still knew how to remain open, to share, to forgive, to be compassionate, to radiate joy, to laugh, to play, to dance and to love.They welcomed me with their beautiful smiles and embraced me in their loving hearts and into their big family as if I always belonged with them.

These Children taught me to look deep within my own heart where I found a joy that I never expected but one that I believe every human has the potential to feel if they too looked deep inside. I feel that we will remain connected forever [despite the physical distance between us] and for that I am eternally grateful.

Beverly - you have given so much and you have taught me about unconditional kindness. You show that kindness in not a process in the head, or a though but kindness is lived out in what you do. Thank you for teaching me to be aware and to be awakened.

Lots of love


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