Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chittagong, Bangaldesh


A Call to Action!

30th September - 12th October
Chittagong District, Bangladesh

On 11th July a school bus packed with happy school children, celebrating a win at a football match with another local school, tragically crashed down a hillside into a river, killing at least 42 students.


Mostafa Kamal Jatra from Unite Theatre for Social Action (UTSA) wrote asking for therapeutic help  for the staff and students of Abu Torab Bahumukhi High School who are suffering with grief and trauma. One of the great things about Mostafa is that he knows that theatre and drama are a great way to help these children and adults to work with their grief. He writes that in one class alone they lost 12 students, the children who did survive do not know how to cope with the depth of feeling of loss and survivor's guilt, they feel school is no longer a joyful place to be.

UTSA is a small local NGO in Chittagong that has undertaken various projects to help disadvantaged people, including theatre for social consciousness, slum education, braille publishing in Bengla and work with the physically disabled and those suffering from mental illness.

Mostafa who is the founder and director of UTSA has reached out to seek help for the school in Misarai. 

Dynamic Heart Project was created by myself (Mark Wentworth) and Filipe De Moura, it is a project to take Dynamic Theatre ( www.dynamictheatre.com ) and other creative arts and therapies out into parts of the world where this kind of work is not normally available. Last year four of us worked in Nepal working with abandoned children and those children who had been caught up in the civil war. See further down on this site for a report of our work there. Dynamic Heart was created from a dream where I was clearly told that children knew about and were waiting for Dynamic Theatre. Through Dynamic Heart Project we made that dream a reality.

Now the call has come again for us this time to go and work with the children who have lost school friends, teachers who have lost bright young students, and a local community that mourns the loss of the next generation.

On 30th September myself and Filipe will travel to Bangladesh for 12 days to work with the children, the staff, and the local community.

As our project is a community project we need to create the funds for the trip and also to be able to make a donation to the school to be able to continue the work after we have gone.

We need to create £2000 to cover "Dynamic Heart Bangladesh" to give you an idea of how easy we believe it will be, all we need is 100 people to each donate £20 (25 euros or 35 US dollars).

You can donate via PayPal by sending it to mark@colourforlife.com or click on the "Donate" button at the bottom of this page. 

Bank transfer: €'s or UK £'s please email me for bank transfer details - mark@colourforlife.com

Thank you for being part of our dream.

With deepest gratitude

Mark & Filipe

"An idea that is developed and put into action 
is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea"