Saturday, August 21, 2010

Capital City


This is a typical street scene from Kathmandu, to the western eye it may look uncivilised and its people in need of rescuing. Whilst the city is very polluted by the continuous burning of plastic for the fires for cooking and a form of heating in the winter, do not be disillusioned the people of Kathmandu and Nepal do not need rescuing, help, yes. It is almost impossible to feel alone in Kathmandu as there are so many people, a lot who want to sell you something, but behind the selling is a warm smile. Despite the atrocities of the civil war, and some of the hardship of daily living, look close enough and listen in-between the hustle and bustle of the cars, buses and bikes, and you will feel the beating of the true Nepalese heart, a heart which is strong and able to guide and nurture its people and as solid as the mountain range that runs through the veins of this magnificent country. If you want to come face to face with your own heart, then come to Nepal and know its strength reflected back to you in every face you see.

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  1. Yes, it is absolutely true. Nepalee people do not need any western people to rescue them. It is us, westerners who need them to clean our karma. This is something everyone should be aware of before travelling to that country. Forget about thoughts or words such as "oh, poor children!". Those children from Nepal are masters. We are the poor ones who need help and who need to learn from their wisdom and open heart.