Saturday, August 21, 2010

Filipe says

Welcome Home

Filipe's thoughts on Nepal

When I accepted the challenge of going to Nepal to work with children, I knew that I was going to learn at least as much as I could help. I was right.

When we arrived in Kathmandu, the sun couldn’t shine bright because of the smoke curtain over the city, the poor streets were full of cars, motorbikes, and garbage. Things seemed out of order, the traffic was crazy. This was my first impression.

As we started to make contact with people, I found that this was a country where the heart could communicate to other hearts. It was not about hugs and kisses, it was about Love.

It’s not that I’ve seen people showing too much affection gestures towards each other, it was the warm way that people communicated with.

The name Ghar Sita Mutu makes all the sense: A house with heart. That’s what I would call to Nepal. It was a country where I felt at home.

The work with the children from the different centres and schools was fantastic. To a western person, it’s amazing how discipline and respect are still valued by the children and young people in Nepal. They could teach a lot to the western children.

Even if we were aware of the difficult life situations of many children, I could only see them as special children, rather than heartbroken, by all the love, energy, awareness and great intentions that they shared with me.

If my inner child was wounded, these children have shown me that it’s possible to change our situation and fight for what is really important.

For all of these reasons and for many more, I feel that I’ve got a family in Nepal.

Thank you.


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