Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Visions of hope

 Future Visions

As well as working with Dynamic Theatre and other forms of drama we also invited the children to express their hopes and dreams through picture drawing. With some of the funds we raised we were able to buy paper and coloured pens and pencils. We bought the materials locally to support local business.

A picture paints a thousand words

As well as working with the children, Filipe ran two morning groups working specifically with the mothers who had lost their sons. Sometimes we need more than just speaking and for some using drama as a form of expression is too exposing, so for those who wanted to Filipe explained and worked with the benefits of drawing out feelings through art and also the immensely therapeutic tool of letter writing.

The mothers were able to express their pain and loss through these creative art forms. Filipe guided and supported them through their pain and helped to then transform this into new visions of the future.
 A place to grow and always a place to remember friends 

 Transforming the image of football, from tragedy to joy

A vision of hope for me, my family and my country

The most basic of images can lead us on exciting journeys and open up the world of possibility. By  giving form to our imaginary worlds whether it be through art, drama or storytelling we are able to bring light and hope to our darker experiences, and by showing there is a continuation and that our story spreads on into the future we gain hope for a brighter tomorrow.

"The soul never thinks without a picture"

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