Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giving Back

Some people gave us money to buy writing books, pencils, and coloured crayons for the children of  some of the slum schools in Chittagong.  On our second day in Chittagong we were able to visit such a school and give each child a writing book, a pencil and a box of coloured crayons, with some left over for those who were not at school that day. 

Thank you to all who gave specifically for this purpose, it was a real pleasure to see how treasured these useful gifts were received.

 Each one gratefully received

 Everyone has so many questions 
and red certainly is the colour of the day

Once met, never forgotten

This is the school itself, it's a long room divided by three partition walls teaching primary school children basic maths and languages, including english classes.

Leaving our message of good wishes and fulfilled hopes for the future for everyone at the school, as well as writing all of your love and good wishes.   

Social Theatre is used a lot in the slum areas to help people express their views and bring together the community to bring about change for the better. Here theatre is used for changing lives and to bring awareness of child trafficking. Here theatre saves lives.

"I regard theatre as the greatest of all art forms,
the most immediate way a human being can share with another
the sense of what it is to be a human being"
Oscar Wilde

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