Monday, January 2, 2012

The team

Pial, Reza, Sudarshan, Mark, Saimun, Filipe, Shishir

Back in Chittagong we met for a final debrief after our work in Mirasorai. Pictured here are the great men who volunteered to come with us, and together we worked, we laughed, we cried, and together with the help of the women who also volunteered, we supported the families, the children and the community come to terms with the loss of 45 young lives.

Without these dedicated people who willingly gave up their time and holidays to work with us as a team we would not have been able to do and achieve the things we did in the community of Mirasorai.  Through coming together as a group we learnt what made our team work effectively and cohesively, and also what separated us. Thankfully the team spirit and the vision of why were a team enabled us to move through challenging times, great humour and storytelling were great night time companions.

Part of the team 
Mark, Rihar, Filipe, Pial, Munmun, Ruma
Shishir, Saimun, Ridom, Choity

To be a member of a team takes a special kind of empathy to think and feel beyond one's self

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